Rice and Beans Radio


#19: Take with a Grain of Rice(w/ Nathaly Figueroa)

This weeks episode; Kiara, Jonathan and Alex are joined by special guest Nathaly Figueroa. They discuss the differences in the way guys and girls flirt. How do you flirt and how do you react when being flirted with. Also the second edition of Wager, where Alex and Jonathan go head to head with Kiara as Host. 

#18: Hole the Door

This weeks episode; Alex, Jonathan and Kiara discuss Chivalry and its place in today's society. Do we adhere to it? Why we do or don't and Should we continue to. Also we talk about the male to male handshake. What are the do's and don'ts and is the opposite sex aware of the nuances involved in it.

#17: Duality of Rice and Beans Radio

This weeks episode is headed up by Jonathan and Alex, we will not be joined for this one by Kiara unfortunately, but we do indeed have a full episode enstore. We get into a little everyday bathroom behavior and scenarios. Also a new edition of ; "up and coming,Steaming and Hey have you seen this movie? No? You should really see this movie. 

#16: U-G-L-Y

"Wager" bears fruit, as Kiara pays up after her loss.(See episode #15). Also this week Alex, Jonathan and Kiara discuss a previous episodes topic of "Deal Breakers". This time however they only bring up superficial deal breakers. Lastly they reminisce about things from their childhood, about things that no longer exist.

#15: Let's Get Quizzical

Breaking up is hard! In this weeks episode Jonathan, Kiara and Alex get into how they respectively deal with the nuances in a break up. Also the inaugural game of "Wager", a game of wit and intelligence where two hosts put something very interesting on the line. 

#14: Nip'd in the bud

Alex and Jonathan welcome new host Kiara Ochoa and discuss "Damned if you do, Damned if you don't" scenarios. Also they express remorse for acts of wrongdoing in the past. 

#13: Total Recall

A year in review for Rice and Beans Radio. Alex and Jonathan go over some of the past episodes of the first year for the podcast. Thanks to all our listeners for all the support this year. Please continue to: rate, review and subscribe.

#12: Academy Awards Special Part:2

Continuing with part two our Academy Awards special. In this installment we took the categories of the Oscars and picked in our opinions; what the best movies in those respective categories, that are the of all time.  

#11: Academy Awards Special Part: 1

Since its award season Jonathan and Alex decided to make  a show in the spirit of the Oscars. As recent events have dictated, part one of this show will be dealing with controversy  surrounding the Academy Awards and this years nominations. 

Mini Episode #Three:

Our third mini episode we discuss recent events in Southern California. Also we take the time to read some emails and reviews and thank some supporters of the show.  

#9: Home is Where the Heart is? (w/Diana Padilla)

Hosts Alex and Jonathan with returning special guest Diana discuss whether or not you should or shouldn't give money to: panhandlers, vagrants or homeless people; and the affect they have on American society today. Also another edition of: up and coming,streaming and hey have you seen this movie? No, you should really see that movie. 

#8: Point Break (w/ Diana Padilla)

Special Guest Diana Padilla Joins Alex and Jonathan to explore this episodes topic of “Deal Breakers” in relationships. They discuss using their own personal experiences what: elements, personality flaws and habits should be avoided in a relationship.

#7: Three's Company (w/ Mika Fairview)

This weeks episode features special guest, Mika Fairview. Together, they tackle hard hitting issues such as oblivious narcoleptics, the allure of Donald Trump, the cool factor of cigarettes, and the Mt. Rushmore of bad directors.

#6: A Requiem For Rice and Beans

Alex and Jonathan discuss their views on culture and ethnicity and the effect that they have on shaping your life. Also a new recurring movie segment by Alex, that will give recommendations from three different categories. 

Mini Episode # one:

Alex and Jonathan first mini episode. They read and respond to listeners emails and also talk about some background of themselves. As well as the Rice And Beans Radio Podcast.  Email or tweet at us and possibly have your message read on the nice Mini Episode. 

#5: Summertime Sadness

Alex and Jonathan reminisce on childhood memories of summers past. Also they dive into issues of gender and race via Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Dolezal.